Available Horses  

The horses listed below are available through Mississippi Horses and are located at either Twelve Oaks Farm in Madison, Muleshoe Ranch in Carroll County or in foster homes.  Thank you for considering adopting a horse and please be sure to check the links of other rescue groups in our network and our Owners in Need page! For more information please call 601-201-8522. For more information on how to adopt or foster a horse please visit our Adoption Information page.


  The Yalobusha County horses have regained their health and are ready for adoption/training. In February 2014, In Defense of Animals was awarded custody of 17 malnourished horses. Many of the horses are wild and have never been handled and will need training in order for them to be placed. There are funds available for qualified trainers willing to take on a special project or two. If you would like to join our network of trainers and/or foster homes please fill out an application. For more information please call 601-201-8522. Click here to view the horses.  
  Prim is one of the 17 Yalobusha County horses that was rescued from neglect in February. Prim is a 14.2h quarter horse with beautiful blue eyes. She is just an awesome horse! She has so much potential and is ready for her new owner to take her into the discipline of their choice. She is very athletic and the type of horse that will give you her whole heart once you've connected with her. She is very curious and very reactive and needs an owner that is calm and very light handed. She is doing great on the trails! Watch video  
  Chickasaw Chickasaw - we do not know why we still have this horse! She will make a great step up horse for child or small adult. She is a beautiful bay mare that was abandoned in Chickasaw County. She is very well mannered and an easy keeper. The more we ride this little girl the more impressed we are with her. We ride her mostly on the trails, she is not spooky and will go through and over anything. Because she has a lot of get up and go, she needs a confident rider. While it's easy to keep her pulled back, her high energy might intimidate a beginner. She will make a great play date pony and best friend. Adoption fee: $400. Watch video  
  Spencer was a part of the big seizure of 84 horses in Nashville TN in 2009. He was approximately 2 years old but still had a lot of growing to do. We believe he is some kind of paso fino or peruvian cross. He has a very smooth gait and a great disposition. He is doing great on the trails! He is still green but very willing and wants to please. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. His adoption fee is $400. Watch Video  
  ADOPTED. Frank was first rescued by the MS Animal Rescue League in 2009. He was evaluated and fine tuned at 12 Oaks farm. He had obviously been ridden and was a nice safe pony. Frank is now back at Muleshoe and we will be evaluating him soon.  
  FOSTERED. General wins the heart of everyone who meets him. His sweet and inquisitive nature has made him a barn favorite. He is doing great in training, listens and is willing to please. He has just been introduced to the saddle and will soon be introduced to the rider. He is a 10 year old quarter horse gelding. He's super special and we know that whoever adopts him will feel the same way. His adoption fee is $400.  

ADOPTED. Skye was one of the Washington County rescues. She is 7 years old, and approximately 15h. She has a great disposition. She's been ridden a few times but is a little rusty. We will start her evaluation and keep everyone posted. There are a lot of people who have shown an interest in her pending how she does under saddle. We will post updated video and info as soon as it's available.

Watch video Watch video 2

  ADOPTED. Ollie was a part of the Yazoo County rescue in 2011. She was approximately 2 years old and was in a foster home until she matured and was ready for training. Samantha Rhiannon has worked with Ollie for the past several months getting her ready for the trails. Ollie is back at 12 Oaks and doing great on the trails. She is very laid back but very responsive and will get up and go when asked. She is a 14.1h quarter horse mare, adoption fee $400. Watch video  
  Daisy is a 15 year old quarter horse mare that was a part of the Washington County rescue this summer. She has just started round pen work and appears to have had a bad experience at some point and becomes defensive. We'd love to find that special someone who has the time to work with her. We have decided to let her live out her life at the sanctuary at Muleshoe. She is slightly roach backed and we feel that she's sore when ridden. She is still available as a companion.  

ADOPTED. Dixie is in training with Ellen Gregory who enjoys working with ponies and getting them ready for the show ring. We look forward to seeing what great things she can accomplish with the right training. She is a 5 year old flea bitten grey mare. She was a part of the Washington County rescue. She did not like people and was very distrusting when we took her in this past summer. She has had a complete turn around but is still a little timid. She is very willing and listens well and is doing great under saddle. She's a smart girl and we think she's going to be a great little pony for the right person.

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  Bentley is a recent return. He was from the Yazoo County rescue in 2011. He was doing well being ridden by a young girl before leaving Muleshoe over a year ago but has not been handled much since. He is a cute, cute little quarter horse who will need a confident rider. Bentley is doing great! His nice strong back begs to be ridden bareback which he does well. He will take advantage of a beginner but will give you his whole heart if you'll take the time to truly connect with him.  
  Simon is a beautiful quarter horse colt (now gelding) born June 2012. This is one good looking little horse! He hasn't been handled much but he's a smart boy and learns quickly. His adoption fee is $175. Click here to read his story and to thank his sponsors.  

ADOPTED. Pattie is a TWH filly born at Have A heart Horse Rescue on St. Paddy's day, 2010. She has been started under saddle and proves to have as smooth a gait as her mom, Molly. She is still green but she has such an easy going personality we feel it won't take her long to become the family favorite. Her adoption fee is $400.

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  Sadie Sadie is a 6 year old 17h Thoroughbred mare. She was too slow and laid back for the race track. She is a very nice and friendly mare. She is sound but due to a deformity in her right front she does not need to be jumped. We are evaluating her for a couple of weeks and will keep you posted as to what kind of job we think she'll enjoy.  Watch video  
  PJ PJ is a quarter horse paint gelding pony about 3 years old. He's shy but very sweet and smart. He picks up on things really quick. He has an old eye injury on right eye but seems to see fine out of it. His jaw also received some kind of damage. He eats fine though and it isn't really noticeable. A vet determined that his adult teeth could possibly grow in but either way it shouldn't bother him other than he is a slow eater. Click here for more on PJ. Adoption fee $150  
  Bella ADOPTED. Bella is coming along great in training. Very laid back and sweet horse. She is a 4 year old TWH mare.  She was trained by Christie Galey in the style of Clinton Anderson. We have been taking her on the trails and is very easy to ride. Her adoption fee is $800. Her story  
  ADOPTION PENDING. Sophie is a 15.2h 7 year old appaloosa mare. She was a part of the Leake County herd that was rescued in 2010. She was returned in December 2013 and we put her in training. She is a very laid back horse. She does great at the walk andtrot and we are working on getting her to canter. We feel that she will make a great trail horse, she will follow or lead and is a nice safe mount. Watch video 09/05/13  
  Scarlet Scarlet came from a herd of wild horses that were rounded up from the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge in Nevada and shipped to MS. It Scarlet a while to trust us but now that she does, she loves to be groomed. If you enjoy working with foals and would like to foster (or adopt) her please let us know. Andi has an adoption pending.  

ADOPTED. Buck is in training with Michael McElveen in Pike County. We had been riding Buck on the trails where he was calm and laid back most of the time. Every once in a while, something caused him to have a flashback and he would bolt. We hope his new trainer will figure out what's going on with him so that he can be a solid trail or pleasure mount. He is now 4 to 5 years old. He was found abandoned in Rankin County when he was only 2.5 years old. He is still leery of people and needs a home where he can bond with one person. 

Watch video 04-21-13

Watch video 08-01-13


Piper is a beautiful dark chestnut mare. She was born at Have A Heart Horse Rescue in April 2011. She just came back from several months of training with Sylvia Shannon. Piper is doing great and we will continue to put the miles on her that she needs to find her forever home.   Adoption fee is $400.

Watch video 05-05-14


ADOPION PENDING. Pippi is a 4 year old quarter horse type mare. She is a great trail horse with a very nice trot and canter. She can have marish moments (won't go forward, will spook) but is easy to get under control if your a confident rider.  Pippi is a level 3 Parelli student. Her trainer, David Gray, is willing to give lessons with her to ensure she's the right one for you if interested. She was in the Parelli World Tour show in Tunica. Will post video soon.

Watch video-1 (parelli)

Watch video-2 (bridless)


The following horses are in foster care and need to be re-homed. These are horses that were adopted/fostered and in need of further training.


  Rosa ADOPTED. Rosa was part of the Yazoo County rescue in 2011. We believe she's been ridden in her past.  Rosa's trainer says she is a super nice horse! She's still considered green but just needs someone who can continue her training. Her adoption fee is $400.  
  Bella ADOPTED. Bella was part of the Jones County rescue in 2010. She is approximately 8 or 9 years old. She was in the Trainers Showcase but has not been worked with since. She was started under saddle but will need to be started again from the ground up.  
  Senoma Senoma was part of the Coyote Hills Rescue of 20 peruvians, many that were former show horses, that were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. We believe Senoma has never been handled and is afraid of people. She's a beautiful mover with lots of potential. She needs someone to take her on as a special project.  
  ADOPTED. Oliver is a 10 year old cryptorchid stallion (one testicle hasn't descended) and will have surgery as soon as he gains weight and is in better condition. He was dumped on family members who didn't have the knowledge or a place to keep him so they tied him to a tree. He has a very sweet disposition and is easy to handle. To follow his progress please join us on facebook, Oliver's album.  

Other Rescue Groups:

Dark Horse Rescue - Hernando, MS

Animal Protection and Education Assoc. - VanCleave, MS

West Point/Clay County Animal Shelter - West Point, MS

Heinz Veterinary Services - Sumrall, Ms

Mississippi Animal Rescue League - Jackson, MS

Save Our Strays - Mendenhall, MS

Owners in Need

PedroPedro was part of a herd of peruvians that were abandoned by their owner for two years until seized by law enforcement and taken in by Coyote Hills Rescue. For his entire life all he had known was how to fight for survival. 

I was documenting his progress to show that even the most stunted of babies with horrible conformation can grow and their limbs straighten out. He came a long way in the 6 months that we had him. 

Unfortunately, on May 11, Pedro had a freak accident and had to be euthanized. He was frightened and tried to jump a fence breaking his shoulder. We are just grateful that he had the chance to enjoy life. We’ll never forget the first time we saw him running and bucking. It was so cute. It’s always hard to lose one but he was especially hard after watching him come so far. 

Watch Pedro’s journey.